Jordan Bowman

Web Designer + Developer

“I think we, at a fundamental level, need to redefine the success metrics of capitalism. That they include three key ingredients: 1. Business, successful business, making money. The traditional form of success. 2. You have to be making a difference in the world, you have to be contributing in some way. 3. I think you need to be emotionally engaged in the work. You need to love the work. These three things aren’t, right now, considered the success metrics for capitalism”

– Biz Stone via Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone And Bill Clinton Talk Better Business, Online Publishing, And Social Media (VIDEO)

You know those moments when you’ve been working on coding something for way too long and you’re about to give up and then you suddenly have a brilliant breakthrough and you feel so sexy like you could beat up Superman and Batman and the Avengers all at the same time?

Yeah…just had one of those.